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Activism - Getting Started Resources

Activism - Getting Started Resources

This guide will evolve over time.

Table of Contents

Activism 101

These resources have all the knowledge you need to get started. If you have questions, need encouragement, or want to find a community to help, join us on Facebook.

The Indivisible Guide - the seminal resistance action guide. It has everything a new anti-Trump activist needs, from thoroughly researched call lists/scripts to joining local activism groups.

Americans of Conscience Action Planner - a good, political neutral way to coordinate your activism and protect your energy.

Call the Halls - an in-depth getting started guide for calling your reps, written by Emily Ellsworth, who used to work in Congress constituent services; she knows what is effective.

Hillary Rettig's Lifelong Activist website has a super in-depth process to walk yourself through.

Super cheesy terminology, but this article is really helpful for showing that there is a wide range of activist engagement/communication, appropriate at different times.

Wait - How Does Government Work Again? - a fantastic walkthrough of how our democracy is set up to function, written by Michele at Small Deeds Done.

Activism for Neurodivergents

Laura and Leslie both have depression. Leslie’s got anxiety problems. We’re both introverts. So are many of the Glimmering community. Here are some resources for us different-minded people.

A shy person's guide to calling representatives - a compassionate step by step walkthrough of exactly what happens, if anticipation of the unknown is your worst anxiety trigger.


Depression Is An Unlikely Advantage In The Fight Against Fascism

Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 Principles of Hope - a must-read for surviving the emotional labor of activism

Call lists and scripts

Postcards to Voters - Write postcards to targeted voters, giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast. (Laura's favorite!)

Resistbot - fax your representatives via SMS, Twitter, Telegram, or FB messenger.

Resistance Labs - text banking for progressive candidates and measures.

Americans of Conscience - Jen Hofmann's politically neutral, high integrity, country-before-party weekly calls to action.

The 65 - a weekly CTA, plus dozens of other issues you can call about. (Formerly a google doc spreadsheet called "We're His Problem Now," this is definitely a Resistance group.)

5 Calls - 5 daily calls (with scripts) you can make to your members of congress.

The Loyal Opposition - one daily call, straight to your inbox with scripts and supporting info.

Rogan's List - An amazing annotated resource and call to action list. No scripts, but enough information to draw from it's easy to know what to talk about.

re:act - a weekly email that aggregates some of the most pressing CTAs from other sources. It's basically this guy named Derek letting you know what his plan is and inviting you to join him.

Privilege and Racism 101

Social scientists contend that there are seven types of racism: representational, ideological, discursive, interactional, institutional, structural, and systemic.

Why "I'm not racist" is only half the story - Dr. Robin DiAngelo's 6 minute talk on white fragility and the misunderstanding of what is racism. (Don't read the comments.)

Responding to Everyday Bigotry - The Southern Poverty Law Center's comprehensive list on finding words to combat casual bigotry and racism.

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person - If you or someone you engage with is balking at the idea of how they could possibly have white privilege, start here.

White Fragility: Why it's so hard to talk to white people about racism - If you or someone you're engaging with is feeling defensive about this talk of racism and white privilege, this article expounds on why that might be.

Privilege Lists - A few types of privilege, expounded: Gender, Sex, Sexuality, Class, and Religion.

Take this quiz to see what your American Dream Score is - you'll find out what factors were working in your favor and what you had to overcome to get where you are today. (This is a great tool for making inroads to folks blind to their own privilege; it's positive and gentle and eye-opening.)

Articles from Everyday Feminism, exploring various types of privilege

#ExpressiveWriting Prompts to Use If You've Been Accused of #WhiteFragility #SpiritualBypass or #WhitePrivilege

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston - exactly what it sounds like; a lot of great article links.

A Facebook post Laura wrote in 2014, with resources about racial prejudice.

Talking to Others (the psychology of persuasion) 101

Changing people's prejudiced views takes a lot of time and empathy - You can use these techniques on yourself as well as others.

The Simple Psychological Trick to Political Persuasion - using moral reframing to get others to see your point of view.

A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do - similar to the above, by renowned cognitive psychologist, George Lakoff.

Why Facts Don't Change our Minds - an in depth New Yorker article about the limitations of reason.

How to Win your Next Political Argument - The tl;dr version of the above

When the Racist is Someone you Know and Love - an essay on speaking up

Podcasts for Parents

"How to not accidentally raise a racist" - an episode from The Longest Shortest Time podcast. Tons of great resource links on the episode page.

Parenting for Libration's podcast - episodes about race-specific parenting issues

mater mea - Founder Anthonia Akitunde talks to Black professional women and mothers.

Mother's Quest podcast - an episode called "Courageous Conversations about Race with Nicole Lee." It looks like conversations about race are going to be a continuing theme, so subscribe or check back often.

Decolonizing Your Life/Livelihood

Show Don’t Tell: Decolonize your classroom, syllabus, rules, and practices - A list of practical ways to put your social justice ideals to work in the classroom.

Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A toolkit for combatting racism in schools - Somewhat parent/teacher related, but useful information for all of us.

Immigration Reform

HOW TO CONVINCE* MOST OF* YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS THAT IT’S TIME TO #ABOLISHICE, WITH FACTS (AND JOKES) - a Facebook note written by Matt Cameron, an immigration lawyer with a silly, incisive writing style. Consider supporting him on Patreon, as he donates all monthly pledges over $3.50 to cover the legal fees of one of his clients in need.

Miscellaneous Resources

Charles Alexander Preston's Black History Month library - There are probably some copyright issues going on here, but use this curated collection like a reference for finding titles at your library.

10 Beautiful Indigenous Children's Books to Add to your Library - Representation matters.

Stay motivated by keeping track of the wins. We love the Small Victories weekly newsletter.

Laura's curated list of Anti-racist Resources for Teachers (and Parents).

Laura's response to the question "What is Intersectional Feminism?"