Episode 79

Identity Part 3 - Scalzian Mystics


December 11th, 2018

1 hr 6 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

In this series, we’re learning about identity by asking a foundational question, “Who am I?” We want to better understand how culture and social conditioning have influenced our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. What should we embrace at our core? What lies do we get rid of? And perhaps most importantly, what do we pass on to our kids?

In this episode, we talk about our spiritual identities. When we first got together we believed the same things, were part of the same religion, and worshiped together. Our spirituality and religious beliefs were a foundational in our relationship. After 15 years of marriage, do we still share the same spiritual identity? Are we still even spiritually compatible?

First, we ask each other core questions like, "Are you even still a Christian?" and "SBNR or nah?" then we do a "quickfire" round of questions (that of course isn't super quick) where we come up with the episode title on the fly. We end on a bit of a cliff-hanger: how do we talk about all of this identity stuff with our children? Can we be in flux personally, and still give them solid roots to grow from?

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  • Christian (Part 1) — The Liturgists — The first episode, plus episodes three and four were Laura's favorites from the 5-part series.
  • Solving the Riddle of Metallica | The New Yorker — "Metallica’s music can work on anybody, but I suspect its discography offers a particular kind of escape for boys who maybe don’t want to play football or wrestle but nonetheless require some physical outlet for the pain and confusion that flows through adolescence. These records exist, on some level, to amplify and release demons. Long may they reign."
  • Metallica - The Unforgiven [Official Music Video] - YouTube — Leslie says: "This song has haunted, inspired, and driven a part of me for decades. I love it."
  • A Perfect Circle - TalkTalk — Laura's defining song. You can read the lyrics here.
  • EDO AND JO | BLISS CD — Laura says: "Kirtan. It's...kinda like Hindu praise and worship music!"
  • What My Jesus Would Do – Whatever — Our favorite agnostic prophet, John Scalzi, says: "At no point will I cede ownership of Jesus to these people, or the idea that the Jesus I know supports the intolerance, ignorance or fear they claim He does. They don’t own Jesus, and I strongly believe He doesn’t support their intolerance, ignorance or fear. And I think it’s perfectly reasonable to let these folks know this, in a way that explicitly undercuts the proposition that they hold the monopoly on understanding Jesus."
  • Biblical Insights into Astrology — Divine Inspiration Astrology with Kelly Lee Phipps — "When I interpret charts I illuminate for clients their potential, both shadow and light, to help them accept their whole being and to help them live the full expression of their gifts. We also probe and improve on their weaknesses. When I look at the transits and progressions, I explain the qualities and potential of the seasons, days and years, giving guidance based on the motions and cycles of heavenly bodies reflecting psychological states and the flow of events. My aim is not to predict the future, but to help people live more fully in the present, navigating the currents of life with skill. We all have heard that to everything under the sun there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1-10). In Psalms 104:19 it says, ‘The moon marks off the seasons, and the sun knows when to set.’ When I read a chart, whether it’s for a person, city, nation, or event, I am using the heavens as the Bible says, to read the signs."
  • Weekly Horoscopes & Weekly Astrology by Chani Nicholas for your Sun & Rising Sign | Chani Nicholas — Laura's favorite astrologer, who offers frameworks for healing with a queer, feminist, social justice lens. (I've found that reading for both my sun and rising signs makes for the most meaningful guidance - you can calculate those here.)
  • The Potluck Vegetarian | Haystacks — This recipe even includes instructions for assembly line construction!
  • Kellogg’s Special K Cottage Cheese Loaf Recipe - SDA Style - Be a Bree — A Seventh-day Adventist potluck classic.