Episode 52

052 – Culture vs. Values Pt. 3 – The Culture Mudpit


December 5th, 2015

1 hr 10 mins 16 secs

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In this series, we’re exploring what it means to stick to your values while being free to let your culture change… sometimes daily. We based this discussion off Matt Blumberg’s wonderful article, The Difference Between Culture and Values. This episode is part three – where we take the values we listed in part 2, and talk about how we are bringing (or trying to bring!) them into our family culture. We of course run out of time to get to the business side of things, but that’s okay – this is a work in progress, something we need to keep alive and revisit frequently. We hope you’ll do the same.

We used to lie down on the dissection tables and watch Shakespeare videos. – Laura

Show Resources

  • Nurture Shock – A book that really influenced our parenting. Specifically to this show, the way we talk about race/culture/differences with our kids, and how we approach talking to kids about lying. Highly recommended.
  • Donald Miller has a great lecture on the importance of Story in our lives. (It’s kinda Christian-y, but not intolerably so.)
  • Sympathy vs. Empathy vs. Compassion – an article from OperationMeditation.com

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