Episode 5

005 Gratitude, Communion, and Kayaking


August 3rd, 2014

43 mins 43 secs

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Leslie and Laura invite feedback for the forthcoming Marriage Startup Moment show, find out if Leslie’s “Romantic Thing” was actually romantic, and then chat about family communion and gratitude.

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Trying to row upstream together is a cheap form of marriage therapy. Navigating in a kayak thoroughly confused Leslie and Laura. But when they finally figured out how to communicate, they enjoyed their kayak paddle.

Communion – a happy memory for Leslie. One of the few things that gave his family some peace together. It’s something that he always knew he wanted to bring to a family of his own.

Laura describes the rituals of communion and foot washing, and how their family participates together.

The key question they ask each other as they wash each other’s feet is:

“Is the path between our hearts clear?” (Do you need forgiveness for anything? Do you need to forgive anything?)

Communion is a wonderful segue into counting our blessings and practicing gratitude.

Leslie talks about his wonderful hike last weekend.

Laura thinks we have more clarity about where we actually are when we start by looking for the goodness. When you have filled your cup with joy and thankfulness, you don’t have much room for worry or fear of lack.

Leslie thinks gratitude is an opportunity to be honest. It’s not a way to fake being “thankful” for hardships. It’s a way of taking stock of all the small things that are worth celebrating, that starts momentum toward a larger perspective of being thankful. He finds it very re-energizing.

2013 for Leslie and Laura was a Year of Recovery, and this year is a Year of Rebuilding. Leslie thanks Laura for being tremendously patient with him during the upheaval of his career change and self-discovery.

Leslie explains how Laura has always been “the power behind the throne” (laugh laugh) but how he feels like the dynamic has changed so that they are ruling together as partners.

Laura is thankful for their massage therapist. She thanks Leslie for holding down the fort while she got her massage today. The message of today’s massage was: “Remember that your children are gifts, and not impediments to your life. They are not keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals; they are there to help you. They are gifts.”

Leslie is grateful for the people he works with. Bold and Annex Bureau are both very family friendly companies who support time-shifting and flexibility. His peer groups also champion the family-first mentality.

When family comes first – when Leslie gives his first and best to his family – he is energized to give his best to his clients and teams. It sets the momentum for goodness all across the board.

Laura loves that their toddler is perfectly welcome to join in a peer group meeting on Leslie’s lap.

“When we put each other first, the work excels.”

This year has been a turning point for Laura not being nervous asking Leslie to hold down the fort during working hours.

Leslie feels relieved and free to say no if he can’t.

Laura confesses that she was still gatekeeping a year ago and the shift has been from her asking Leslie to babysit to expecting Leslie to maintain his relationship with his own children himself.

Leslie talks about the beautiful increase in trust between himself and Sophia, since the session with Krayna (episode 4).

Leslie shares his gratitude for the gaming he’s been able to do, and the patience his people have had for his occasional flakiness.

Laura is thankful for her online support community. They have supported her and inspired a lot of her ideas for the podcast. She feels like

Leslie explains that gratitude can be detached from extenuating circumstances and it is not a brag session. Despite Leslie and Laura’s current financial challenges, they still choose gratefulness.

Leslie wishes for a redo on the amount of gratitude he had in the moment, during his last job. In retrospect, he realizes he didn’t have an appropriate amount of thankfulness for where he was in life. He thanks Laura for being a good steward of their

Laura passes on the thanks to her parents, who instilled fantastic financial values and skills in her.

End of Show

Leslie and Laura are incredibly thankful for their listeners. Thank you, listeners!

What Laura is going to do for Leslie this week: Crazy alternative medicine Woo treatments!

Leslie is going to take Laura to Guardians of the Galaxy on Wednesday date afternoon. Yay!

Leslie sends a shoutout to Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker.

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