Episode 49

049 – Culture vs. Values or, Why Simple is Difficult. Pt. 1


November 13th, 2015

57 mins 57 secs

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We explore what it means to stick to your values while being free to let your culture change… sometimes daily. Culture and values is something that people, not just owners, get mixed up on a regular basis. Its also difficult to make them practical to our daily lives. We use Matt Blumberg’s excellent “The Difference Between Culture and Values” article as a way to explore what we need to do to set the values for our family and our business (Glimmering LLC). 

In part one we set the stage and set a challenge for ourselves. In part two, we’ll see the results of the challenge “live.”

We also answer a listener question (Hi Maggie) about the stuff we use to make the Marriage Startup Podcast.

The Challenge

“A leader’s job is to embody the values.  That impacts/produces/guides culture.  But only the foolhardy leaders think they can control culture.” – Matt Blumberg, The Difference Between Culture and Values

Our challenge is to pick our short list of values for our family and for our business. In episode 50 we’ll share them with each other “live” and have an open discussion about them and talk about how to live them out in our family and our business. We invite you do the same.

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