Episode 36

036 – Compromise, the Champion of Mediocrity


April 20th, 2015

42 mins 22 secs

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In this episode, we discuss why we don’t compromise with each other, and why we think that’s healthy for our marriage. Strong opinions, we have them! Are you pro or con compromise? Please let us know what your experience has been!

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Heads up, there is only one more episode in season 2! It’s gone fast! Next week ends season two and then we are taking a one week break before season 3 starts. However, we already have the first arc of season 3 in the planning stages and its on health. Specifically our health and taking a deep dive into how we live. This first arc of season 3 will be co-produced with Dr. Marc Wagner who will be guiding us through a bunch of things, especially on the food side of things. If you have health related topics, especially about food, that you’d like us to talk and/or test with Dr. Wagner, please start letting us know now. In this episode we go into a little more detail about what to expect, but we wanted to start telling people about it right now.

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