Episode 13

013 How to Change Your Life Part 4: Choosing is Hard When You have Depression


September 29th, 2014

55 mins 29 secs

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We’re in the process of changing our lives and we have the audacity to do it publicly as podcast series. We’ve been using Essentialism by Greg McKeown as a loose guide. One of the main tenets of the book is that we have to exercise our power of choice. Last week, Laura chose to quit her day job as full-time homemaker. This week we’re bringing clarity to what that actually means and how we can start supporting her in that transition. Our first step is simply making a list of what her job as a homemaker was and then also creating a list of things she chooses to keep doing. It was a lot harder than it sounds because what we do gets so mixed up with who we are. Then you throw depression into the mix and the difficulty hits ten.

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“Laura’s Lists”

Things I do that no one else can do but me

  • Nurse Ethan

Stuff Laura is Quitting as full-time homemaker

  • Make breakfast
  • Get kids dressed
  • Change Ethan’s diaper
  • Oversee homework/schoolwork
  • Make snack
  • Wipe bottoms
  • Do laundry – wash, fold, put away
  • Clean bathroom
  • Make lunch
  • Take Sophia to school
  • Make supper
  • Kitchen cleanup
  • Oversee house tidying
  • Put Ethan to bed
  • Where everything is/is kept
  • Car maintenance
  • Kid hygiene
  • Camacho family website

Stuff Laura doesn’t want to do but is afraid to let go of

  • Health information/doctor’s appointments
  • Brush kids’ teeth
  • Put Ethan down for his nap
  • Household maintenance (inside and out)
  • Yard maintenance (other than mowing)
  • Garbage days

Things Laura Chooses to keep doing (in order)

  1. Close, private friendship stuff
  2. MarriageStartup
  3. Support/Peer Group
  4. Read to kids (the current extent of homeschooling)
  5. Cooking when everyone is leaving me alone
  6. Finances
  7. Homeschool planning/kids’ education
  8. Spiritual Side project
  9. HeyLauraWhat
  10. Menu planning
  11. Grocery shopping
  12. Organizing/purging the house
  13. Seasonal clothes transitioning
  14. Clothing sizes/needs for kids
  15. Clothing needs for adults

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