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001 The Startup Life is Hard but Your Marriage Doesn’t Have to be


July 7th, 2014

54 mins 48 secs

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Leslie & Laura tackle imposter syndrome, start marriage depth coaching with Krayna, and invite every business owner, founder, entrepreneur, and their significant others to make their relationships awesome.

A bit more about Krayna. She is a Depth Coach, not a licensed therapist or counselor. She says about her sessions:

I’m most compelled by deeply listening and by investigating the assumptions that we take for granted to be true, and really looking into  that.  We look at what is commonly experienced as resisting or trying to alter What Is, what that does within one’s experience (suffering!), and what life is without the idea that something else (or better or different) should/could be happening.  We’re looking into the truth of the matter, and seeing how that helps dissolve knots of suffering.

Here’s a link to Krayna’s blog. If you are in Bend, go see her. Really. Just go.

Here is the book that elaborates the roots of Krayna’s method of inquiry: Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life (affiliate link).

People have asked about the chore checklists that Laura made, that are currently rocking our world. Those will get put up in downloadable form when we publish episode 2.

After Krayna listened to Episode 1, she emailed us and wanted us to point out something about our session with her. She said:

One thing you didn’t say, which is vitally important: you are both sincere and willing in the coaching process with me.  I deeply appreciate (and accept) the very moving and lovely things you shared about your experience with me.  That’s true enough.  And, I can tell you right now, your qualities of sincerity and willingness are the keys to your sense of something shifting and happening that you feel good about!  I think your audience would benefit from knowing this.

If there’s anything you want more notes on, let us know in the comments!

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